A pastor and an apostle were today, caught pants down in Limpopo.

Below is an eyewitness account shared on social media :

“Around 1.00 am in the morning two men were caught having sex_ual intercourse. One of them is a pastor and the other is a known apostle.

The ‘Pastor’ who was discovered to be the man in the gay relationship had been reported earlier to the vigilante group of the Hlanganani District by a boy of twelve who claimed he had been rape_d by the Man of God. The boy had further claimed that an unknown substance had been poured into his mouth by the ‘Pastor’ after the abuse.

The vigilante group was unable to proceed with the case on account of the flimsy evidence at the time but they resolved to monitor the activities of the clergyman from that day on, unbeknownst to him.

And as fate would have it, he was caught in the act of gay se_x and now the young boy’s molestation reports have substance. Now the vigilante group is in the process of formally charging the ‘Pastor’.

Reached for a comment, the pastor denied the allegations of bonking the twelve-year-old boy saying he only kissed the boy and quenched the fire in his loins by mastu_rbating.

“I only mastur_bated and kissed him” he said.

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