A s_extape featuring a high ranking politician enjoying an intense game of ‘hide your sausage in my honey pot’ game has gone viral. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the married politician is seen bonking his friend’s daughter who happens to be the same age as his own daughter. Messy!!

Opposition parties are said to be having a field day with the emergence of the tape. The tape, which is over a minute long, features the pot bellied politician with the slender girl sitting on top of him gyrating to a pulsating rhythm. The politician however seemed to be more interested in his shoddy camera work as he tried to shift the camera multiple time to get the perfect shot.

When footage appeared, the politician denied it was him on the video but the girl confirmed everything and said the man was his blesser and despite that he was married, she was madly in love with him. The girls father, another politician, was livid and said he never thought his friend would do that to his daughter. “We were together in the struggle even before we both got married. I know almost all the girls he has slept with and now he slept with my own daughter. I hope he rots in hell”, he said.

When iMzansi tried to contact the politician at his house, the phone was answered by his wife who said she had kicked him out.

The video was heavily circulated on WhatsApp and the politician is from Zambia.

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