Poverty has reached alarming levels in our neighborhood to the extent of relatives resolving to transport dead body on a bodaboda. The shocking photos have emerged online where the body is dressed, supported by sticks and then put on a bodaboda for transport. 

It is then ferried to rural home for burial. This incident has become common among families which are unable to raise the amount required to hire a decent car for transport. This is not, however, the first time such incidents are happening. Some communities transport bodies of their loved ones on animals such as donkeys and camels.

The origin of the photos is not clear but sources indicated they were taken in a village in Uganda. For instance, in Kenya It is a sad incident considering the huge amount of money lost through corruption . Kenya is a man eat man society, where the gap between the rich and the poor is widening significantly.

Below is the shocking photo;

Heartbreaking Photos: Poor Family Transports Dead Body While Seated On Bodaboda
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