Residents of mechimeru village in Bungoma County were treated to a free day time drama show and a rare incident after a Pentecostal Church pastor veered off the path of his calling and ventured into an illicit sex affair with a wife of his associate pastor. Elders had to intervene and save the accused pastor from the wrath of his followers.

According to witnesses, the two were found in the act by police officers following a trap laid by the aggrieved pastor, after growing suspicious. The pastor set a trap on his wife following a tip off by his neighbours.

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Askari waliingia wakawapata wako kwa kazi yao.Live, live. Askari wakachukua longi (trousers) alafu wote wawili wakawekwa pingu” one of the villagers said. He added that the affair between the two has been ongoing for long only that it had reached the fortieth day for the cookie jar thief.

According to KTN’s video report, he suspicious preacher pretended to attend an early church service but returned home after around 30 minutes to find his wife in their matrimonial bed with an associate who works with him in the same church. Locals in the village expressed their disappointment, as church leaders who were expected to give guidance and counsel were themselves indulging in what we may term as evil.

A huge crowd gathered outside the pastor’s home, the effect of the matter even paralyzed learning in an adjacent primary school. The pastor escaped lynching by angry congregants following the intervention of village elders.

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The elders intervened and took up the matter and are set to discipline the two lovers. Here’s a video by KTN;

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