We have published a number of stories pertaining to African Central Locking System Technology, but many people are skeptical and dismiss it as hogwash and non-existent!

Some have said its a rare condition called pen_is captivus,  so browsing on YouTube today we bumped into a yester year video from Kenya which shows the African Glue at work.

In the video, a big crowd is seen milling outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the drama, while police officers look as they have run out of of options on how to help the two. The cheating man reportedly agreed to part with the Sh20,000 the woman’s husband had asked for in compensation, and after the intervention of a local pastor, the two separate.

At the end of the video the man can be seen heading out to withdraw the money from an ATM.

What are your thoughts on this subject after watching the video? Do you think it really exist or its just some coincidence and or stage managed ?

Watch the Video Below

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