Sure, your pen_is helps you enjoy some of the funniest stuff life has to offer, but do you know it can give you an idea of how long you will live?

If you’re having trouble getting it up, it might not just spell bad news for your se_x life but your life span too.

Guys with ere_ctile dysfunction (ED) have a 70% higher risk of premature death, according to a recent study.

Being unable to get hard is often a sign that your heart isn’t very healthy because poor cardiovascular health is the most common cause of ED.

Sometimes it’s also a symptom of health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Worryingly lots of guys who have poor heart health and ED can end up having life-threatening cardiovascular problems like heart attacks.

The blood vessels in your pe_nis are very small, only one or two millimetres in diameter, meaning they can easily get blocked by plaque caused by factors like a poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, age or genetics.

Blocked vessels mean the blood can’t flow to the pe_nis making ere_ctions impossible.

But worse yet the build up of plaque can affect arteries that carry blood to your heart leading to shocking consequences like heart attack and death.

Pen_is health

ED is a surprisingly common condition which actually affects half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70. It can affect anyone, either as a one-off or reoccurring problem.

The pe_nis issue, which can be psychological or physical, can also be linked with fatigue, stress, anxiety or depression. Your ED could be a symptom of an underlying medical issue that is yet to be diagnosed.

If you already have a diagnosis of heart disease or diabetes make sure it is being optimally managed.

If you haven’t had a health check for a while then be sure to look in on your doctor as soon as possible.

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