As Kenyans, are we entertaining the wrong ideas and deeds? What will become of our next generation if we allow those we call role models to make a mockery of God’s name? Our Kenyan entertainment scene has lacked new ideas to push their brands. Artists have turned to using the name of God and His son to gain milestones in whatever they do. From Mwenyezire, Daudire, Mungure and now some funny crucifixions just to gain social media followers and add you tube viewers. We should stand against this.

Eric Omondi is and  has been my favorite comedian for the longest time now. He has never disappointed with every project he releases. I’d go ahead laugh even at his driest jokes. He has been among the people  who have driven our entertainment industry to greater levels. However, I personally think his latest refix to Sauti Sol’s Kuliko Jana is a total fail (personal opinions). For starters, the song was done in some Akorino accent. That might not be bad for some people who find humor in everything. Come to think of it, maybe the Akorino’s may be in support of that version. However was the Crucifixion part really necessary?

The video begins with a crowd all dressed in white attires headed in some mountain. Just before it ends, We see Eric on the cross (God Forbid) on his head are some writings which to me are a total mockery of God’s son and what he died for. Here is the Image from that Project.


Whatever stunts these are, I think we need to put some respect on what we believe in.

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