How would you feel if word reached you about your nudity being in the public domain? A woman early this year decided to take her own life after her ex boyfriend decided it was shaming time. Her photos were uploaded in the now famous team Mafisi Channel group on Telegram. Not being able to bear the shame, she took her own life. Sad.

Is this some new kind of payback mechanisms? Men have gone to extremes of exposing their wives. Photos sent in the group are those of cheating girlfriends or some one-night stands. Girls will never learn. A man who asks for your nude photos has no good intentions. They don’t respect you as a person. But come to think of it, who started the entire fiasco?

Kilimani mums has been a tool of shaming cheating men and husbands. For a long time, the Facebook group has shamed men, broke marriages and as it is, men have decided its time women paid back. Team Mafisi channel took the exposing tactics some notches higher and now women who can’t the shame are now taking their own lives.

If a guy loves you, he should respect the intimate moments both of you share. Why would you allow him record the entire session and let him keep it? what if you guys broke up? Am not supporting the exposes but women should learn from this. A minimum of 10 women are exposed daily. Their nakedness shared with the public.

How would you feel if you found yourself there?

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