I was happy when Pwani Tv was launched, I guess we all were. At last and for once we would enjoy our local contents from a language we all were conversant with. At last we would enjoy entertainment while preserving and conserving a culture that for a long time had been sidelined with other media houses. However as times move, we are loosing the objectives and moving away from what we thought the station stood for.

Pwani Tv is now another Nat Geo world. For a week now, I have been following closely what the channel has been offering its viewers. The station has continued showing wildlife contents non stop. Showcasing wildlife is not bad, but when it becomes monotonous it gets boring. Every time  I switch channels and decide to watch my home channel, Am neither met with the same program of how whales mate or some hindu move that  does not correspond with its subtitles.

Showcasing wildlife is not bad, but when a channel that is supposed to support local talents and heritage decides its only hindu movies, something must be really bad. Mombasa has one of the best thriving movie firms in kenya. From Ashyners to Lil Guy G Films, Movie firms that have managed to hit the Kenyan markets creating plays like Sumu, Michael the movie, etc. What I don’t understand is why we should be watching all these movies from other channels while our own continues to showcase hindu movies.

Its time the managers retraced the objectives of the station or better rename it. Shawarma tv or something that sounds like an elephant or any other hindu name.Its just that time.

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