The world’s 20 best travel apps

1.      CityMapper (App Store/Google Play)



The app of apps. Citymapper is one of the apps most used and trusted by visitors and locals alike. The easy to use app will show you how to get from anywhere, to anywhere in the city. It’ll tell you how much the journey will cost, what transportation options you have, how long it will take, and even sends you alerts so you don’t miss your stop! What are you waiting for?! Download it!

Viktoria (from Austria): Citymapper is the best app EVER! I can’t imagine living in London without it. The city is a like a huge jungle and the app helps you to find the right tube line, especially if you wanna use the iconic (and amazing) tube – a great way to discover the city, btw

2.     Santander Cycles (App Store/Google Play)



You’ve heard of Boris Bikes? They’re the bicycles you see all over town with red Santander sponsorship on them. You may well have something similar in your home city. You can rent them from just £2 from any docking station around the city (there are 700 such stations across London!) and return them to any docking station when you are done!

Colin (from the USA): The bikes are really cheap and simple to rent, and the app makes this process so much easier (it’ll even tell you where the nearest bikes are located)!




  1. Nikohub Bopit(App store/ Google play)



Application of its own kind takes you for an adventure across East Africa. You want to find those hidden cocktail bars, Museums, National Parks, Beaches, Biggest forests, Lakes, Rivers and refreshing rooftop joints everybody’s talking about? Out of loop about the hottest gig for the weekend? Or maybe you’re looking for the best and cheapest romantic date venues in East Africa; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania or Rwanda to take that special someone?

NikohubBopit has your back! With the best of all you want in one place an app that is developed for an easy, improved and remarkable lifestyle. It’s a unique way of passing information of all the best events taking place all over East Africa…

Val from (Nothern ireland) this application has made life easy based on adventure sect…explorers should be on the lookout…

4.Tube Map (App Store/Google Play)



London has one of the best underground transport systems in the world. It’s already easy to use, but download the free Tube Map app to make sure you can always plan out your route, and keep up to date with any disruptions on the various lines.

Charlie (from France): When I first arrived in London a year ago I was really nervous about taking the tube. I have no sense of direction whatsoever. A friend told me about Tube Map, and it’s great. It’s available offline, so it’s nice to have a map of the tube with you at all times, that way you can always get home even when Google maps is not working ;). And a must-have if you are visiting London for the first time.



5. YPlan (App Store/Google Play)


There are loads of great apps helping you find things to do in London, but we’ve picked out the very best. YPlan creates a shortlist of the best events happening around the city in the near future. It often offers perks like access to sold-out gigs!

Raquel (From Portugal): Cool app to check for things to do in London. Sometimes with great discounts too!

6. Dojo (App Store/Google Play)


Dojo is another really cool app with all you need to know about what’s happening in London in your pocket.

Roberto (from Italy): Each place/event shows average costs and opening times so you won’t get taken advantage of!

7. Hype (App Store)


Hype is awesome. The app allows you to make your own custom profile, which will in turn provide you with personalised tips and suggestions about things to do, eat, see etc – all based on your personal preferences.

Carolina (from Brazil): I love the fact that you can bookmark the events you want to go to remember in the future (there’s always so much going on in the city!). Also, it’s great that there is a human curation element behind each suggestion.


8. Dice (App Store/Google Play)

ypan-copy dice-copy-copy


Dice is a no-nonsense music app and without a doubt my go-to for booking gigs, club nights and festivals. There’s no annoying booking fees so you literally pay face value, and it’s super easy to navigate around with a visual and colourful layout. There’s an awesome scroll feature so you can easily browse gigs by date, and filter by gigs, clubs, festivals and genres.

Danielle (from Wales): I especially love it because the selection is handpicked by the Dice team and I always find unique events that I wouldn’t otherwise discover just browsing on the web.


9. Great Little Place (App Store)


GLP is so easy to use and full of helpful info. All of their hot tips and suggestions come recommended by locals, and are mostly quirky and definitely off the beaten track.

Amy (from England): I’ve lived in Angel for almost three years and thanks to this little app have discovered some amazing cafes and cocktail places right on my doorstep that I didn’t even know existed. It’s based on local people’s/users recommendations, so if you want to see hidden London or experience London/the area you are staying in as a local, this is the app to have. You can swipe through the hidden gems, choosing to click to read or find out more and either swipe left to ignore or bookmark it by adding it to your shortlist.


10. Frugl (App Store)

A simple app and a great one, Frugl curates some of the best things to do, see and eat, all for less than £10.
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