I wake up and first thing I hear on a chilly Saturday morning is Willy Paul, Willy Pozze’s “Fanya”. The Crown Love Riddim Remix. I have never heard it before (not the original and not the remix either) so I hope you’ll understand why I’m particularly shocked.

First of all he delves into how “mabinti-re” messed with him from Mathare to I don’t know where (anything for a rhyme, right?). And now he is going back to “Mwenyezi-re”. And it gets worse. Where he talks about some guy called “Daudi-re” who did “Madhambi-re” and then he went back to “Mungu-re”. I guess this is where he screams “leggo!!!” “Rrrraaaa!!!”

Then comes the chorus. Something like “Vipi Jalali nimekumissi sana”. Maybe it is the lack of staunch spirituality in me, but I just don’t get the concept of how you miss God. How do you miss God when He’s supposed go be inside you and all around you all the time? Just say a prayer man!! Pray!!! It helps!!!!

Ten years ago, I clocked an A in CRE in my KCSE so I think I’m correct if I say that God is omnipresent. So Willy Pozze, unless God hasn’t been present in your neck of the woods for a while now, stop saying you miss Him and just look inside your heart. He should be somewhere in there. Waiting for you to cut the shit and actually start serving Him as opposed to fame cheap rhymes. Or just stop doing gospel already!!! It’s people like you who give religion a bad name

Then in last last stanza he goes ahead to sing “Kamata Chini” just out of the thin air. That line has no connection at all with his message (if any). Then “Juu kwa juu… Siku za mwisho zimewadia…” Yeah!!! No shit!! If I want to hear about Kamata Chini I’ll go to the club not to church!!

I don’t know where I rank in the religiosity meter, but I know not to mess with the same. I believe if I can’t or aren’t ready to commit to God and religion, I should stay away and conduct my business without sitting on any fences. When I’m good and ready to commit to God 100%, I will. If I die before, then too bad.

But this thing where you joke around with God just for the sake of having a new track going round, this is so wrong on so many levels, it ain’t even funny. And kids will eat this shit up because this is the gospel music they grow up listening to. So they’ll Kamatia Chini right there in the House of God.

And God is supposed to be feared man. He doesn’t want your shitty nicknames for Him. If this song was released a few hundred years ago in Europe, Mr. Pozze here would be executed for blasphemy. No question about it.

I hear there’s another one doing rounds called “Tiga Wana”. Haha. Word on the grapevine is that it’s infuriating. Well, in a Few years when I start finding infuriating cool, maybe I’ll check it out. Till then, I’m staying away from this confused little shit who’ll soon enough start calling himself Willy Pizza for no reason at all.

Original Work By Charles Chanchori

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