Don’t we all love seeing two energetic bulls settling scores openly? I have had the privilege to follow closely and keenly how Mombasa politics and politicians have for sometime now been ‘running’ the show. Its with no doubt that the governor has tried having recreational facilities in place, the infrastructure has improved immensely, the only place that needs improvement continues to be the health sector. I think apart from the health amenities, the rude nurses need to pack and pave way for qualified and determined to work trained nurses who can deliver.

Senator Hassan Omar Sarai has continued giving the governor sleepless nights. He is undoubtedly the only person at the moment that can convince the residents otherwise. The two principles from CORD  have on many occasions disagreed on the leadership of Mombasa openly. The tactics however have been different. Its archaic of leaders to make students and youth on social media the center of their wars. This is how,

Twitter is the fastest growing social media war zone for those who understand. Its the only place one can decide to unmask or undress another party, throwing shade and mud and everyone following the trend can believe each and every lie. These are some of the tactics the two leaders have decided to use as a weapon against each other. This is how I found out.

Most of the people who attack Joho on twitter on matters land, insecurity or any misconducts are the same people pushing Safaricom Blaze trends, Upcoming videos from celebs or any money associated trends. There are a group of youths who have dedicated their time, making a living from attacking people they rarely know about. With only 5000 Ksh, you will appear on any vlog, blog and any other social media platforms they know about.

Its sad, I think the only proper way is to let residents choose a leader who works. Its obvious, the two can deliver very well but If I were to cast a vote today, I wouldn’t think much. I would choose a leader who put my needs before pleasure. Development before gigs and education as the most important agenda on their campaign portfolio. My Thoughts.


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