Possessing a digital camera has turned young boys into ‘professional’ photographers and their baits to models. The number of bedroom photography studios and models increase by 20% everyday. The name of the photography firms all depicting a swagish lifestyle just to attract social media whores turned to models/socialites.

The need to get attention and not know how to attract it apart from showing too much skin is slowly wiping out our girls.  These naive girls, mostly second or third year university students think  having these pictures makes them look cool. having 200+ likes on Instagram and Facebook makes them think they have accomplished some life goals. Their role models being Huddah and Sidika. Some have already started bleaching and applying butt enhancers.

On the other hand, the photographers  doing all this work are never paid but look for sexual favors instead. Do you think most of these girls can afford studio hours, of course not. The need to have these photos have turned them into easier baits/target for the so called photographers. In each clique of girls being attended to by a single photographer, about 80% have been laid by the same person.

After taking these photos, uploading them and hoping for a potential bidder for her curves begin. answering only to inboxes of guys who look like they have got something to offer in return. these are called social media whores. Going on to different blind dates each and everyday and getting laid for money. The habit has set roots in Nairobi and is now spreading to other parts of Kenya including Mombasa where its rising so quickly.

These are just but my irrelevant  thoughts yoh.

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